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fernando 09/08/2017 Flower
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Flowers with a little post-process.


fernando 09/07/2017 Flower
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I found this Amapola while shooting a model at a cemetery in Ponce. While the model was changing clothes I started to look at the headstones and on one of them there were a couple of flowers growing from the side of one of the tombs. There were three of them but this one looked healthiest and decided to take some shots.


fernando 09/04/2017 Sport
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A surfer takes a break at Aguada in a surf competition on January 28, 2006.

Cemi Museum

fernando 08/28/2017 Architecture
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The Cemi Museum in Jayuya is where visitor can see a showcase of Taino artifacts.

Upper View

fernando 08/22/2017 Landscape
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This photo was taken at the observatory platform where the lighthouse is located in Caja de Muerto, Ponce.

One More Round

fernando 08/22/2017 Sport
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A surfer walks by the side of a beach to give it one more ride. The opening of the beach is narrow and by walking to the outer edge you can surf back and no need to paddle all the way back.

Fish Cleaning

fernando 08/22/2017 Portrait
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A fisherman cleans a fish at the "Malecón de Guanica".


fernando 08/22/2017 Animal
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A sea anemone at an aquarium in Old San Juan


fernando 08/22/2017 Animal
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A butterfly at the Mayagüez Zoo


fernando 08/22/2017 Uncategorized
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A fisherman throwing a fishing net in the "Malecón de Arroyo".